Ready to make a website that sounds like your brand?

  • We intuitively know a good website when we see one. But building one for ourselves can be a bit daunting. We're here to help!

  • Over the duration of this course, you'll have the opportunity to build a website as awesome as your brand.

  • And heads up, this course assumes you've acquired a few resources from Courses 1 and 2. Complete those first if you haven't already!

Course curriculum

In this course, entrepeneurs will learn how to build a website that reflects their brand identity with clear calls to action. Be prepared for lots of best practices, templates, and opportunities to quickly apply what you've learned.

  • 1

    Your brand matters

    • Lesson 1: Overview + course objectives

    • Lesson 2: What is the purpose of YOUR website?

    • Lesson 3: Identify your website's purpose

    • Lesson 4: What makes a good website design?

    • Lesson 5: Design your website to reflect your brand

    • Quiz: Evaluating your online brand

    • Lesson 6: Wrap up


  • I'm not really a web this for me?

    Absolutely! We're positive that with your passion and our tools that we can build something incredible together.

  • Do I need to know how to code?

    Nope! We’ve worked hard to ensure that all you need is a dream, some basic internet know-how, and specifics on what you’re brand is all about. If you’ve got those things, the tools we’ll suggest can help do the rest.