Let's figure out the right GoDaddy tools for your brand

  • We're here to help! This course will help you brainstorm your domain name and find out how to redeem discounted products from GoDaddy.

  • It’s highly recommended you complete Course 1 first to set you up for success.

  • Complete Course 1 to help in choosing a domain name that reflects the fullness of your brand.

Course curriculum

In this course, entrepeneurs will learn how to find the right GoDaddy products and domain name to elevate their business.

  • 1

    The right GoDaddy tools for your brand

    • Lesson 1: Overview + Course Objectives

    • Lesson 2: What products do I need to build my site?

    • Lesson 3: What domain name should I use?

    • Lesson 4: Which type of hosting is best for me?

    • Lesson 5: How do I have someone manage my site safely?


  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • I haven't completed Course 1, can I just start here?

    We strongly advise completing Course 1 before jumping into making a product choice. You’ll want to ensure that you’ve done a thorough evaluation of your brand so that you’re making the best product bundle selection possible.