Your brand matters

  • The first step to building a beautiful website is learning the tips and tricks of building a strong brand.

  • Get ready to learn about what a brand is and why it's important.

  • And get ready to learn how you can start building and evaluating your brand.

Course curriculum

In this course, entrepeneurs will learn the basics of brand building and evaluation. Get ready to learn how to leverage the power of branding to transform your business!

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    Your brand matters

    • Lesson 1: Overview + Course Objectives

    • Lesson 2: What is a brand?

    • Lesson 3: Why does my brand matter?

    • Moment to pause: What can I learn from others?

    • Lesson 4: How do I build my brand?

    • Lesson 5: Evaluate my brand

    • Lesson 6: Wrap up


  • So, how do I know if I really have a "brand"?

    You probably do! Your brand is basically all the ways a customer experiences your company (your product, customer service, online presence, etc.) and how they feel and think about your company as a result.

  • Why does my brand matter?

    Your brand matters because it is the driving force for gaining and retaining customers.

  • What if I haven't done a ton of research on my brand?

    That’s totally okay! We’ve got lots of helpful resources in this course to help you self-assess the strength and effectiveness of your brand.